Photography featuring Lonneke Engel
Ambassador of The Green Fashion Competition
Lonneke Engel Ambassador of TGFC
Photo: Jouke Bos - Styling: Jordy Huinder

To be 'en vogue' is to be fashionable. But what is the meaning of 'being fashionable' ? Does it mean you should buy new clothes every season? Or does it mean being aware of the impact a piece of clothing has on the environment? More and more fashion designers and companies are aware of this impact and are looking for ways to produce ecological and social friendly clothing. Not only in the choice of materials, but also in the use of colour and the chosen production and shipping methods, they strive to make fashion green. In this way they do not only sustain our earth's natural biodiversity, they also give new meaning to being fashionable.

During its first two seasons a range of very versatile designers has participated in The Green Fashion Competition. They have showed us (and still do!) how visually challenging and innovative green fashion can be. Take a look!

Studio Jux

"From our Nepali factory to the Amsterdam offices: every day our team makes sure you can look good and do good. We challenge the tailors  - our rockstars, one of them actually plays drums – to translate our Dutch design and sustainable materials – like  hemp silk – into beautiful pieces for you."



Carrie Parry

"Our vision is to inspire and implement a symbiotic relationship between social, environmental, and economic practices and strive toward continuous improvement that helps our workers and our environment. We aim to preserve biodiversity by helping people buy sustainably, continuously educating, learning from and empowering our stakeholders to make a difference."


Elsien Gringhuis
Elsien Gringhuis is a high end fashion label for women. Characteristic for her style, is her choice for smart symplicity.  Thoughtful patterns and intelligent placed seams, are combined into a sharp almost futuristic make. Elsien Gringhuis stands for: Modern, functional and timeless design, quality and craftmanship. Respect for people and environment.


OAT Shoes
"The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future. OAT Shoes combines clean design and biological degradable materials to make sneakers that not only look good, but which you can also put in the ground, or throw away when they’re old:  They are totally degradable!


L’Herbe Rouge
“L’Herbe Rouge works with an original design influenced by the "design" of objects. Our designs consume higher quality and less quantity materials and  together with their components contain the following characteristics: Dominance of form, Feature, Diversion, Association, Saving materials and components, Innovative, Well-being.




"SPRB represents a world that is in harmony with the people and the impact on the environment. It is this raw aesthetic and true art of craftsmanship SPRB stands for ecological aware, authentic and created with a passion for this planet."




STAT Divisions
"STAT Divisions equals luxury whilst still being good for the world. We believe that real luxury is always sustainable. Our yachting lifestyle brand is Dutch minimalism meets Italian style. In times of recession it visualizes freedom, happiness and glamour. Just the things you want to see in darker times."




O My Bag
"O My Bag brings sustainability and fashion lovers together with a leather bag that is made with respect for our precious planet and the people on it. "Change the world: one bag at a time".




Zaida Balmaseda
"Our clothes serve as a validation of our ability to have a positive impact on the environment and its biodiversity. We tenaciously concoct inventive solutions for the production of beautiful pieces, but also spark ideas for an industry that needs a new set of values."




Narelle Dore
"I hope that one day there will not be a need for lables like 'organic' or 'green' and that it becomes a standard social and consumer norm. At Narelle Dore, there is a focus on an artisanal approach that promotes a refined approach to ofashion, using carefully selected certified organic yarns used to create garments that will last a life time."


Winde Rienstra
Slow fashion, is what Winde Rienstra is all about. “My designs are unique, sustainable and manufactured with a lot of attention and craftmanship.  Every collection starts with an innovative idea, that contributes to sustaining biodiversity.” Winde Rienstras green haute couture explores the borders between fashion and art, and shows a fascination for construction. “My passion to work in a sustainable way, equals my passion for fashion”.



Gomes Esser Design
The powerplastic designs of Gomes Esser Design generate green energy and opens doors to the future. By showing new possibilities, they give consumers the chance to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. Their products should challenge savvy, fashion- and environmental-minded consumers to generate their own personal need of energy, by moving their bodies. In this fast electronically controlled world, what could be better then being able to recharge your devices wherever you go, and at the same time looking great?



Non By Kim
During our growth to an international level, we continuously strive to operate sustainably, to make an effective and lasting contribution to biodiversity. Our legacy for coming generations will not only be fashion, but also the influence our fashion has on man, society and nature. ‘Create a soluution and people will see the problem’.


Bright Young Things
After ten years of designing for fashion giants as J Crew, Club Monaco en Coach, designers Eliza Starbuck changed course and started her own label.  The mission of ‘Bright Young Things’  is simple, but rare: Fashion should be an expression of individuality, clothes should be designed to last years, not seasons, And those same clothes should be produced locally, under ethical labor conditions.


Farrow & Tan
Farrow & Tan makes no concessions tot heir design. What they deliver are very modern, unique and lovingly made items; the result of the synergy between two young, but already award-winning designers. Farrow & Ran stands for quality. To deliver the highest quality, the designers invest not only in natural but also in human capital. Both is required: “Therefore, our materials, manufacturing and housing will be sustainable and fair.


Viral is a high-end men's label that uses hemp as luxurious main material. Viral consists of a team of experts in sustainable fashion: a creative and passionate designer and a biochemicist who conducted a global research into hemp fabrics, joined forces. Viral liberates hemp of its old-fashioned image, and teaches consumers about this diverse material. Viral shows that hemp is not only the healthiest option for people, but also for our environment.



Kentroy Yearwood
Kentroy Yearwood is a Curacao-born fashion designer, who debuted in 2005 with his label Intoxica. Intoxica combines knowledge of materials with inventive and esthetical designs. With over 85% of  the material used being organic, Kentroy Yearwood strives for 100% honest, fair trade production. Ethical and sustainable values  have priority; it are the surprising designs of Kentroy Yearwood that should make consumers aware of that fact.  



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